Sick Comrade


Saturday March 03 @4pm
$15 Preorder Tickets

1234 Divi St. #1000,
San Francisco, CA 94220

The Venue

Anarcho sickos: Let’s find each other!


What is the sick comrade press?


We’re two sickos who know how it feels to be sick and alone. We’ve often dreamed of networks of sick and disabled comrades sharing art, writing, stories and resources between each other. We know that doctors and healthy friends can’t give us the same recognition we can give each other. We know that sick and disabled writing is magic. This press is an experiment. It’s an attempt to share sick wisdom and creativity. We have dreams of creating a press that is also a network, a platform and a portal to the crip commune of our deepest desires. Maybe one day we will also gather information about sick&disabled doulaship and other comradely resources via this platform. Maybe one day we will even meet each other in the commune, but for now we are just trying to publish your sick poetry. 

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1234 Divi St. #1000,
San Francisco, CA 94220

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