What is Sick Comrade?

Sick Comrade is an attempt at breaking the alienation and loneliness that sickness can bring. We’ve often dreamed of networks of sick and disabled comrades sharing art, writing, stories and resources between each other. Sick and disabled writing is magic and the sick have secrets. By that we mean that our community has specialised knowledge about resilience, care, vulnerability, time, death, collapse, anarchist world building, falling apart, life and all things human. The sick have wisdom about what new worlds built on access and mutual aid could look like. 

This project is an experiment. It’s an attempt to share sick wisdom and creativity. We have dreams of creating a project that is a network, a platform and a portal to the crip commune of our deepest desires. We hope to gather information about sick and disabled doulaship and other comradely resources via this platform. Maybe one day we will even meet each other in the commune, but for now, we are sick queers, our bodies in Berlin and hearts in the US and UK, beginning by publishing your sick poetry. 

Our first collaborative poetry zine, The Sick Have Secrets, inspired the creation of Sick Comrade press and project. Would you like a copy? Send us an email and we will send you a PDF copy or we can send you a physical copy for the price of printing and postage.