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being sick and disgusted, being high on meds and hopeful, being lost and wild plants helping you find your way home, becoming an ill-der, revolting from bed, your crip rage, grief, thoughts on care and community, death, revolution, solidarity, love, joy, the care you have never received but dream into existence, outrageous coping, secrets of the sick, tricking doctors, the time you got revenge on the medical industrial complex, makeshift medicine, cruising hospital corridors, gay medical gowns, doctors in drag, patient kink, the crip commune, ritual, spirituality, what healing means to you, the role of sickness in revolutionary struggle, your historical and present disabled heroes, pandemic rants, spells, mask 4 mask and other sicko love stories, thoughts scribbled on a scrap paper whilst waiting for a hospital appointment, postcards to your friends sent from a psych ward, letters to your long lost disabled pen pal, your unfinished memoir or manifesto….



Issue number one:

Sick Comradeship


For Sick Comrade’s first journal, we want to explore the idea of sick comradeship. What would a sick comrade look like if you had one? If your gang has already begun forming, how does your heart beat around your sick accomplices? Tell us a story or share a poem about what this means to you, or if you don’t know yet then write it into being. Anything related to sickness and friendship, anarchy and disability, health and community will be considered for this issue.

We are interested in your sicko thoughts in the shape of any writing:



creative lists

experimental manifestos


Please submit between 1 and 5 poems, or a prose piece of 2000 words max.

Deadline: June 1st

We will publish the journals as online zines that will be downloadable as PDFs. We currently do not have the means to pay contributors. If we one day get funding, we would love to pay you. If we make a physical zine copy of this issue, contributors will get a free issue (and we don’t sell for profit!)

To submit, please email your attachments and a bio of less than 100 words to